Stress Management (CD & Material) - $30

Are you overwhelmed?
Do you feel as if you have to be all things to all people? Women are unequivocally "stressed beyond measured." In this seminar, you will be able to determine your own personal stress level, find out if you have the "do-it-all-syndrome," determine your level of burnout as well as your vulnerability to serious illness due to your current stress level. Find out the coping skills to confront the stress in your life and learn Biblical alternatives to your stressful situation. Whether your stress is due to your physical condition, your current situation and environment, or psychological stress, you will discover solutions that work for you. You will be able to discover innovative, insightful approaches to reducing stress in your life as well as the 7 stress reduction principles taken directly from the Bible.

Untying the Knots of Anger (DVD) - $25

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In this video, you will learn the Five Options for Managing Anger, the Four Ways People Stay Trapped in Anger, and the Four Alternatives for these Anger Traps. If you listen closely, you too can learn the anger traps that ensnare you personally and the opportunity to be freed up from these anger traps.

Could Verbal Abuse Be in Your Home? (DVD) - $25 & Audio CD $20 (2 disc set)

...How to Recognize It, How to Respond

Verbal abuse exists in many homes to some degree, but is rarely recognized or acknowledged. It is so built into our culture that is often considered normal. The competitive nature of our society actually encourages manipulative, put-down, intimidating comments in our relationships. In this video, I will present the 16 types of verbal abuse and help you evaluate whether verbal abuse has crept into your home, or the home of someone you know. I will review the underlying dynamics of verbal abuse and how to respond in a way that stops this damaging behavior and keeps it from being passed down to the next generation.